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944 Engine for Endurance racing
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TOPIC: 944 Engine for Endurance racing

Re: 944 Engine for Endurance racing 10 years, 4 months ago #14381

  • joeblow
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I think that question will come down to tire choices and gear ratios. The extra inch in back is nice for added traction but not a huge difference. I think you need to look at the other two items first.

karbuf wrote:
WHEEL CHOICE QUESTION: I have the option to run the 16X7 front/16X8 rear setup for wheels. Would this be a desired option (competitive advantage) over the 15X7 (all four) for endurance road racing? (btw: these are all the correct offset for '88 and are the phonedial wheels).
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Re: 944 Engine for Endurance racing 10 years, 4 months ago #14383

  • karbuf
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Ah.. good word.. that helps to start thinking in the right direction..

my thoughts are that I am stuck with what I have for gear ratio in the differential... However, I can use rim size and tire profile to have some affect on final gear/drive ratio..

Would be helpful to have torque and hp curves for the stock '88 NA 2.5L.. At least that would get me in the ball park for making calculations, without spending a ton for dyno time..

Any thoughts?
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