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I have tons of pics, will have car at open test day 3/13/20 Buttonwillow Ca. I will post an on track video next week as well as dyno results and compression test.

Not currently street legal, no title but I do have a cat that can be welded in that is included in the sale from an S2. Lights and wipers work. Headlights do not want to retract after going up.

I bought this car to flip it 6 months ago so any upgrades listed as new are in the last 6 months.

New Cam sensor, new powder coating on intake and cam cover, new valve cover gaskets and intake gaskets, new rubber boot from air box to intake, new cam, balance shaft belts (all rollers were in like new condition), new alternator and power steering belts, new radiator cap, all new radiator hoses, new cam chain rub block, new fuel filter, new Technafit Stainless flexible brake lines, brake fluid replaced with 600f fluid, new 50/50 coolant, new group 47 battery, new return fuel hose from rail to hard line]]>
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