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Tricks & Treats at the 2011 AutoPoint Challenge PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ken Huey   
Saturday, 05 November 2011 10:44
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Tricks & Treats at the 2011 AutoPoint Challenge
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2011 Pts eleven

The 2011 944-Spec CASH race at the “Porsches at the Point” was full of unusual tricks and plenty of treats over the Halloween weekend of October 29-30.

The strange weekend of trick or treat started Friday afternoon.
Trick: Aubie decided to drive his race car from his house to a gas station just one block away.  He was pulled over by the police for not having current registration tags and had his car impounded.
Treat: Friday night at the Foxx “Mothership” with steak, wine, beer and fresh sashimi caught by Charlie Buzzetti from his fishing expedition.

Saturday Morning:

Trick: The #95 Thunderbolt car decided it did not want to start, the engine would crank but not turn over or when it did start a slight increase in gas would kill it.


Treat: In typical 944-Spec fashion the car was swarmed with fellow 944-Spec racers, one with fuel pump relay replacements, one attaching a spark and fuel injection electrical tester, one attaching a fuel pressure gauge to the end of the fuel rail, one checking on the speed reference sensor and one in the back checking the fuel pump, the rest just have to step back because there was no more room.  Long story short, the problem turned out to be a fuse which was “spooky” because a fuse should be binary.  A replacement fuse was installed and Thunderbolt started right up.

Qualifying saw 2009 944-Spec National champion Charlie Buzzetti take pole with a 1:57.096 edging Steve Lewis by just .005 seconds!

By Steve Lewis

Porsches at the Point is always our favorite NorCal race but this year was especially promising with a big turnout and several fast SoCal racers joining the fun.  I knew we were in for a battle when I showed up Friday and saw Charlie B. and Big Dog (Jim Foxx) testing.

Friday night was a reunion for the group and the SoCal guys redeemed themselves with beer, wine, steak, and some of the best fish I’ve ever eaten (Charlie caught it himself).  Of course this was all a veiled attempt to lull us into a sense of calm so they could dominate the racing.

Saturday morning, Charlie was fast out of the gate in practice while I took it easy feeling out my newly overhauled trans (I swapped a rebuilt LSD and short 5th into one of my spare trans) and Weltmeister rear sway bar purchased from Big Dog.  The bar made for some exciting laps as I overshot the setup and had massive oversteer.  Rick warmed up on old tires to get the feel back after a long time out of the car and carefully run in his new engine but still managed 3rd.

By qualifying, I had adjusted the rear bar and improved my setup but not quite enough as Charlie just nabbed the pole with a 1:57.096 to my 1:57.101.  Rick filled out the top 3 as the only other driver in the 57’s (1:57.777).