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944 Spec 2016 Rules are published!
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TOPIC: 944 Spec 2016 Rules are published!

944 Spec 2016 Rules are published! 8 years, 4 months ago #20294

  • dpRacing Dan
  • Moderator
  • 944 Spec National Director
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Guys, the rules for 2016 have been published HERE

Some notable changes:

1. Short shifters, dog-boxes, and sequential shifters are now allowed!
2. Welded diffs are now mandatory
3. Hydraulic Handbrakes are MANDADTORY
4. Right hand drive conversions are also legal
5. "Zoomies" type exhaust are now the only spec-legal exhaust
6. Toyo is providing us with 20" RRs and we will have a spec-20" spinner rims.
7. Igloo has jumped on board to build us spec-specific spare-tire well beer-cooler/crash support tanks.
8. Nationals will now be a combined competition of racing results and scored drifting.

Hahaha- ok I'm just having fun (for those of you who dont have a sense of humor).

In all seriousness, despite there being very little visible changes from last year, there was LOTS of thought put into the rules this year. There were lots of debates, some constructive, some not. In the end please know that I tried to keep a very open mind and deliver a rule package that will suit the majority of our class.
The following explanations are provided not to induce more discussions or debates, but purely for you all to understand my train of thought for ruling the way I have.

1. Aftermarket rims- Although I am not opposed to aftermarket rims, there simply is not CURRENTLY a supply of rims for people to use. If I were to impose this change and allow aftermarket rims, it cannot exclude anyone. In other words, I want EVERY driver to be able to buy new wheels, not just a couple. THERE ARE THINGS IN THE WORKS HERE THAT WILL BE ANNOUNCED LATER THIS YEAR.

2. Short Shifters- This was definitely the toughest. I feel like this was 2 separate issues. 1 being that people dont like the slopiness of shifters, and 2 people wanting short-shifters for performance improvement. I feel that there is ample information available showing us how to improve our original shifters, as well as quality products to replace components by . Changing the linkage component to a short-shifter, however, IS considered a performance enhancement which doesn't fix the issues of a sloppy shifter. Although not greatly expensive, allowing this shifter would compel every racer in this class to buy one. Although it's only $90, this equates to roughly $13,500 nationally. I just dont believe this is on the "MUST HAVE" list, and would encourage everyone to rebuild their stock shifters and or try out the 2 legal components. Additionally, I'm proud to announce that is now an official sponsor of the NASA 944Spec class, and will be offering a discount of 10% off everything they sell, with free shipping. Simply type in "NASA10" in the shopping cart to receive your shopping cart. Additionally, will be supplying the 944Spec class contingency awards at both NASA Nationals in 2016!
I reworked the wording in this department to better clarify the components and really just to "clean it up".

3. Dyno. Although this can get touchy during high-stress events like Nationals, I truly believe it has been written with the best intentions and fairness in mind. Although our dyno-results at the last few Nationals have been extremely puzzling, I can only ask that you trust in me that steps will be taken to insure cars are as even as possible. This is not always an easy task, and things are much more complicated than most people realize. Let's be strong as a group on this one, and concentrate on equalizing all cars, helping our neighbors, and doing everything legal on our own cars. I HIGHLY encourage every driver to dyno tune before the season and retain your information proving your results.

If anyone would like to discuss anything else with me or ask me questions outside of this forum regarding any of my decisions, please feel free to do so @ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
I have turned all my attentions now to working on promoting our series, as well as doing more to reward the members in this great class. I have spent countless hours sending out sponsorship proposals, and had just as many conversations with marketing directors at companies from all over the country. I will be attending PRI this weekend to continue my hunt for new sponsors, and hope to be able to make the 2016 944 Spec Season the most rewarding yet.
I highly encourage you all to post pics of your builds, cars, fun racing stories, etc on our Facebook page

If you ever need help locating parts, please contact me directly. Although I may not have it myself, I can certainly point you in the right direction or hook you up with someone who does.

Looking forward to racing in 2016!
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Re: 944 Spec 2016 Rules are published! 8 years, 4 months ago #20295

  • AgRacer
  • Administrator
  • Posts: 712
Awesome work, Dan! Thanks for pushing this through and dealing with me and the rest of the peanut gallery. Look forward to what you have coming together in 2016!
J. Stanley
NASA-SE Region 944 Spec Series Director
Yellow #60
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Re: 944 Spec 2016 Rules are published! 8 years, 4 months ago #20297

Sometimes I feel like I pulled the pin on a grenade, handed it to Dan, and ran!

Dan has done a ton of behind the scenes work here, and I think the class will greatly benefit from this moving forward over the next couple of years. The discount from Only 944's is the first example.

As an aside, I am excited to see some of the developments recently. the SE is moving into double digits with it car counts, and several guys turned in their 911 Cup cars to join in the fun in 944 Spec in the Great Lakes region (now combined with the Midwest). Great stuff!
Eric Kuhns

National Director Emeritus

2007, & 2008 National Champion
2011, 2012 2nd
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Re: 944 Spec 2016 Rules are published! 8 years, 4 months ago #20298

  • cbuzzetti
  • Endurance Racer
  • 944 Spec = The best racing on the planet
  • Posts: 1192
Thank you Dan for being a grounded and well intentioned leader.

I know your job isnt easy and we all have our opinions of what we think is needed/correct.

Thank you Eric for your past/current work with 944Spec.

The So-Cal region is growing again with 3 new cars/drivers coming online next season.

Wishing you all a great holiday season!

Charles Buzzetti
2018 NASA 944Spec National Champ
2018 NASA ST5 P2 944 Nationals COTA
2017 NASA 944Spec WSC P3
2016 NASA PTD-944 WSC P2
2015 NASA GTS1 Western Champion
2014 NASA 944Spec Western Champion
2013 NASA 944Spec So-Cal Regional Champion
2013 NASA 944Spec National P3
2010 NASA GTS-1 National Champion
2010 NASA 944Spec National P3
2010 NASA So-Cal 944Spec Regional Champion
2009 NASA 944Spec National Champion
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Re: 944 Spec 2016 Rules are published! 8 years, 4 months ago #20299

Great to hear about SoCal on the move again!
Eric Kuhns

National Director Emeritus

2007, & 2008 National Champion
2011, 2012 2nd
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