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Short shifter
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TOPIC: Short shifter

Re: Short shifter 7 years, 1 month ago #21605

  • rd7839
  • Endurance Racer
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Thanks guys, I guess I'll give it a try this weekend.

I too have both bolts safety wired because I've lost them both many times, costing me wins. At the championships in Sonoma I had both the shift rod bolt come loose AND the shifter itself! I had adjusted it but didn't tighten it enough

Re: Short shifter 7 years, 1 month ago #21607

  • ChuckS
  • Seasoned Racer
  • Posts: 181
Call me if you have any questions.

You will be SO HAPPY with the result!
Chuck Sharp
San Diego, CA
1986 Spec 944 #58
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Re: Short shifter 7 years, 1 month ago #21613

  • rd7839
  • Endurance Racer
  • Posts: 625
I always have to have the contrary opinion! Maybe the wife is right, I'm the a--hole!

So I put the new shifter on and I have mixed feelings. Firstly, getting it on was fiddly at best but not difficult. However it took about as long as it would have to take the trans out and put it back in so I would consider just dropping it next time(in the interest of full disclosure I had a helper, Quigley the yellow lab, who kept dropping his frisbee on my face so I may have been slowed down a bit more than usual).

All I've been able to do is a quick run thru the neighborhood scaring the neighbors and I wasn't overly impressed. The piece is very well built but I had previously replaced all the rubber in my stock shifter and tightened up the linkage. I didn't have much slop to begin with and still don't but the effort to shift went way up! Plus the 5th to 4th is a little vague. I'll have to take my time with that shift so the quicker shifting is now cancelled out.

For me so far I would say that a well maintained stock shifter is still a better idea than a short shifter. Maybe I'll change my mind though after next weekend.

Re: Short shifter 7 years ago #21630

With tranny out, had a hard time getting it fit. Had to tap it on with a hammer. There are two spots for the OEM arm to attach, which do you use?

Re: Short shifter 7 years ago #21631

  • AgRacer
  • Administrator
  • Posts: 712
Are you talking about the locating arm where it attaches to the tranny or the shift linkage?
J. Stanley
NASA-SE Region 944 Spec Series Director
Yellow #60

Re: Short shifter 7 years ago #21632

Where it attaches to the tranny, after further review, looks like you have options to adjust everything to the position of the shift rod/arm. Defeats the purpose of pulling the tranny if you have to make the final adjustment w/tranny in place.
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