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Rear Delrin Bushings... Worth the $$$?
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TOPIC: Rear Delrin Bushings... Worth the $$$?

Rear Delrin Bushings... Worth the $$$? 15 years, 1 month ago #1095

  • Weston
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I've decided that I should probably get around to replacing my rear bushings, since Chuck said mine were the worst he's ever seen. I think it was my spring plate bushings that were especially bad, and my torsion tube chassis mount bushings might actually be ok (I'll have to check). Any thoughts/experiences on Delrin bushings?

It looks like a set of spring plate bushings would cost me $65 for rubber, or $168 for Delrin. The torsion tube bushings come to $54 for rubber, or $128 for Delrin.

Which one is more important, the spring plate bushings or the torsion tube bushings? Is the banana arm bushing worth upgrading (looks like $160 for a Delrin set)?

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Re:Rear Delrin Bushings... Worth the $$$? 15 years, 1 month ago #1096

Hey Weston,
I had just replaced mine prior to GIR this past weekend as well as did BJ. We both had an issue with the Delrin bushings made by racers edge and sold paragon products. They bound the rear suspension of my car up so badly I had to remove the rear bar from the car. BJ never even installed his. My car bucked like a bronco all weekend it was awful to drive. I talked to Doug Hilliman from VFC and they are engeering a new bushing that you should be able to purchase from him. They have these installed on Eric Kuhns new ride and say the suspension has no bind to it at all. We are racing in two weeks and I intend on changing mine out prior to them. I am calling Paragon to return these POS I bought from them.

Re:Rear Delrin Bushings... Worth the $$$? 15 years, 1 month ago #1097

  • dmdirks
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I need to do Michelle's car one of these days, too.

Poly bushings are obviously better than rubber, but will delrin really make you go much faster than poly? Probably not. I'd rather spend the extra on gas money.
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Re:Rear Delrin Bushings... Worth the $$$? 15 years, 1 month ago #1098

  • Chris
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maybe we should install ours at the same time? I still havent put my poly bushings in yet.

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Re:Rear Delrin Bushings... Worth the $$$? 15 years, 1 month ago #1099

Back in 2002 I installed weltmeister polygraphite bushings in the spring plate and where the t-bar carrier mounts the frame (the ones with the long bolt).

I have never hand any issues with them other than the squeak like hell in the paddock. At racing speeds on track I never notice them at all. They are the only bushings I have replaced in the rear of the car.
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Re:Rear Delrin Bushings... Worth the $$$? 15 years, 1 month ago #1101

Ray's car was really aweful. With the same spring rates & shocks as my old car, a push on, the back of Ray's would deflect the tires more than the suspension , where mine (with stock bushings) was smooth. I don't know if this is representative of Racer's Edge bushings, but it makes me question their tolerances.

When I took the bananna arm mounts out of my car, they were in such bad shape the rubber literaly fell off of the metal:ohmy:. It's a bit scary that I drove the car all last year like that. I just replaced thise with new rubber.
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