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Some build ideas to run by the group...
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TOPIC: Some build ideas to run by the group...

Some build ideas to run by the group... 8 years, 1 month ago #13621

  • joeblow
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First off let me say I am not looking for any new rules!

I am building a car from the 'wrong' perspective in that I want a street/strip car. There are a lot of reasons why but lets just say that the deal with the boss (Wife) was that this is a commute to work car and a race car second. This also fits the budget for now which is minimal until I shed some hobbies.

I plan to make this a very thinly disguised race car (I have a vintage 911 rally car that is very similar). I will be getting rid of the great majority of the amenities with the exception of the A/C and Heat (I need to use the car all year in Utah (read hot and cold).
To go are:
Cruise Control
PWR windows but not the windows themselves
PWR locks
rear wiper
interior door panels minimized and possibly removed entirely
center console
arm rest
rear seats will be removable (kids might want a ride to school)
pass seat removable with quick pins
drivers seat replaced with race seat (FIA)
fog lights gone
sunroof to aluminum sheet
PWR steering gone
exhaust minimal
carpeting replaced with lightweight carpet
floor replaced with lightweight rubber mats
all roof interior roof material replaced with thin carpet
wipers converted to single center wiper
all interior sound and heat deadening material removed
Wire harness stripped as items are removed (including relays, sockets
fuses etc off the main power box)
battery replaced with very lightweight one, etc....

So here are some thoughts, items for clarification, details needed etc...

I need both A/C and Heat which I know pretty much kills the chance of me getting to spec weight. That being said I am going to do my best with everything else to get close. On the A/C and Heat as with all other 'optional' items, can I assume that if they can be removed then they can be modified as well? Specifically can I put a smaller compressor in, or underdrive it? Can I yank out part of the ducting and leave the rest? Can I remove the control system and make up a manual one?

In the rules it states that a sunroof car can remove the roof structure to the point of a non-sunroof car. Has anybody done this and is there some guidance on this process? I dont have access to a non-sunroof car being how rare they are. I would hate to cut something out that I need to later put back in...

I have seen several cars with what look like Euro front bumpers, or at least pushed in like Euro cars. Are they using Euro parts, modified stock, or custom brackets to achieve this legally?

Since I can remove the door glass, can I run plexi-glass/lexan instead? I also intend to install manual winders or even bottom pull up straps (911R style) to save weight. I will be parking the car outside in the rain/snow so windows are not an optional item. I guess to add to the list would be the fixed slider windows as well?

Balance shafts are required to be run correct?

Lightweight alternator?

I was thinking of pulling the stock headlight motor and using a pull cable to lift them. The other idea was to use GTR fixed light buckets but I read and was told that the stock headlight doors need to be in place which kills that. The other idea was a rally light box for the hood that pops on/off. Any other ideas (I plan on ducting the fog light opening to the brakes)?

I am planning on cutting out the spare tire bin, any play by play on this so I dont overdo the cutting? Again it is easier to cut then weld. Obviously I want as much weight drop as possible and access to the tranny within the rules.

968 water pump OK? If I remember it requires some clearing on the block to fit the oversized impeller.

Later deep sump oil pan, scraper and pickup OK?

On the cage, the rules discuss additional pick-up points and use of the sills. I plan on running plates connecting the A-pillars to the forward hoops and the B-Pillars to the main hoop as long as the pillars are. Is this OK?

Any options for lighter door mirrors than electric flag mirrors?

I will have more and more such questions but that is all for now. I would like any words of wisdom for other items which might make sense for my kind of build.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Some build ideas to run by the group... 8 years, 1 month ago #13630

  • seafeye
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I think it is great that you want to keep the car street legal. I did the same. I remember seeing the races in Daytona and people used to drive their cars to the race. Run for a weekend and then drive home. Seems like we are going backwards having huge trailers with support teams.

Some rules that you should print and read....

Here is what i did. Now only if i can get some time off work and drive.....

Kept the turn signals, horn, but deleted the heat and a/c. Headlight motor was scrapped and have brackets that allow me to raise and lower the lights.
Not sure if lexan would be a good choice for a front windshield for a street car. Although all the NASCAR cars here use that film over theirs and rip it off when it gets dirty or scratched.
Sunroof was filled in using a steel panel. Then worked to make smooth. Roll cage is a 6pt design. With NASCAR style door bars. Think these are safer in the event of a side impact but i had to gut my doors to get them to fit. So i lose my side windows. Not good for a street car.
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Re: Some build ideas to run by the group... 8 years, 1 month ago #13636

  • joeblow
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Looks like a very nice build.

Did you cut a roof from another car or just a plain sheet steel? Did it take a lot of filler?

Is the car done now? If so what is the final weight?
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Re: Some build ideas to run by the group... 8 years, 1 month ago #13637

  • seafeye
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The roof was just a piece of steel welded in. And fiberglass filler to make smooth. Not the lightest but i figure the weight of my car is the least of my worries. For now anyway. The car has not yet been weighed. Mainly because i have another seat for the instructor. Once i get licensed then out come the spare seat and a fire system installed. Right now my biggest problem is getting weekends off to tear up the track. Planning on doing VIR end of Sept.

Re: Some build ideas to run by the group... 8 years, 1 month ago #13663

  • joeblow
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OK I see now, thanks for the pics. I was thinking a quick cut section from a 924 would be easier but I guess the curve is pretty minimal. Looks good.

Did you remove any interior framework?
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Re: Some build ideas to run by the group... 8 years, 1 month ago #13667


I have pulled this harbor freight trailer for thousands of miles, this was Miller Motorsport Park in Utah, about 1,300 miles round trip from home.

I bolt on lights as needed, no heater, for that I wear really warm clothes and try to not breathe towards the windshield, no air, for that I wear my cool shirt, no wipers, I use rain x, no signal lights, I use hand signals, the side windows are attached to a strap so I can remove them easily (8 lbs each). I try very hard to not get pulled over, how ever I have been pulled over more than once, just because the officers liked the car and wanted to check it out, fined once at Infineon when I went out to the store for somebodies cigarettes. Pulling the trailer and sometimes going fast, I get 20+ mpg. Suburban gets about half of that at half the speed.

You might have an over heating issue on track with the a/c coil in front of your radiator. This isn't my daily driver, it's how I bought the car, I would probably keep those things in that you are, except the A/C, if you find over heating to be an issue.
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