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Transponder and tie rod question
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TOPIC: Transponder and tie rod question

Transponder and tie rod question 10 years, 3 months ago #14842


I currently have a couple transponders I use for motorcycle racing. Both are AMB Tranx260 rechargeable models. I'm assuming I can use these transponders on the car. Please confirm.

Also if somebody is using the rechargeable version like I'm planning to do, please let me know where you mounted your transponder.

I'm still deciding what to do with the suspension of my car. I'm using a 1987 as the basis for my build and as such I have the longer arms. If I decide not to replace the whole suspension with a early model suspension I need to replace the tie rod assembly on my manual steering box.

My question is if any of you used the Golf tie rod assembly to do this. Here is a link with the assembly I searched around and some people claim to work.
Zeca Pires
Miami FL
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Re: Transponder and tie rod question 10 years, 3 months ago #14844

  • ChuckS
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Yes, your transponder will work. It needs to "see" the ground (no metal or carbon fiber obstucting the path from AMB to ground). If I remember correctly, AMB suggests less than 24" from pavement. You can locate it virtually anywhere, but a protected spot is best. I use the DS inner fender well that is easy to reach from under the hood.
Chuck Sharp
San Diego, CA
1986 Spec 944 #58
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Re: Transponder and tie rod question 10 years, 3 months ago #14846

  • AgRacer
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Mine is hard wired and bolted to an existing bracket on behind and below the PS headlight. If your car is the same as mine, there should be a shelf on the DS in that area and an opening to the ground below the Coil on the PS. I have also found a the mounting bracket that holds the recharchable version of mine bolted up under the PS fenderwell behind the wheel. That was done by the previous owner.
J. Stanley
NASA-SE Region 944 Spec Series Director
Yellow #60

Re: Transponder and tie rod question 10 years, 3 months ago #14847

  • tcomeau
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You can't use the ABS suspension with a manual rack unless you cut and weld the tie rods. Also the manual rods have different ends. I'd sooner de-power a power steering rack with the ABS length tie rods. Please put your location in your name tag.
Tim Comeau
SoCal 944 Spec #22 since Feb 2003.
Let's keep building it!

Re: Transponder and tie rod question 10 years, 3 months ago #14848

Chuck and AgRacer, thank you for the tips. I guess both of you are referring to the same general area. I have attached a picture of the metal bracket that holds the wheel well plastic cover. This is where I'm planning to put the support at this point.

Tim the tie rod and ends are available for the newer cars they are just expensive. I found the part at the dealer, Paragon, Vertex and Lindsey. The part number is 944 347 033 03. The lowest quote I got was US$170 each side.

Apparently the VW Golf III tie rod is the same length as the 1987 and later part and will take a tie rod end with a female tread (same used on the power steering rack). If I decide to keep the newer suspension components on the car, I will post the results of my experiment assuming nobody is using this setup.
Zeca Pires
Miami FL
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