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Brakes, wheel bearings etc.
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TOPIC: Brakes, wheel bearings etc.

Brakes, wheel bearings etc. 15 years ago #510

Since I had no mechanical issues with the fresh engine at Pueblo , my next project for the car with red wheels will be the brakes. My plan is to install braided steel lines, replace or at least re-pack the wheel bearings and upgrade the pads and fluid. Couple of questions:

Should I go ahead and get caliper rebuild kits ?
How about the master cylinder ? rebuild ?
Anybody use EBC pads ?(yellows in particular)
Any steel lines better than others ?
What did I overlook ?

My curiosity about the EBC pads, is that I need pads that function off track as well as on, and Hawk kind of left me PO'd last year. Suggestions on other good dual purpose pads is appreciated too. Thanks folks

Re:Brakes, wheel bearings etc. 15 years ago #512

  • Bottoz
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Cullen - I used Hawk Blue pads (per Chucks advice) and plain jane slick rotors. I got a brake hardware kit (pins, clips and such) but re-used what was on the car. I left the lines alone, and just bled and refilled with Valvoline Synthetic from VatoZone. With that setup, I felt that the only time I could make up ground was in braking zones. (and no.. I don't mean the 2.2 mile engine braking zone that I call Pueblo LOL)
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Re:Brakes, wheel bearings etc. 15 years ago #520

  • comatb
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I use Hawk Blues all around. DOT approved stainless steel brake lines will also improve braking(less flex = a harder pedal). If you can afford it rebuilt calipers will be a good long term investment in speed and safety.

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Re:Brakes, wheel bearings etc. 15 years ago #521

I'm with Bill.

The only thing I would add is that our cars have awesome brakes . Dirks ran last year on street pads and never had fade or any problems.

Re:Brakes, wheel bearings etc. 15 years ago #522

  • Chris
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the axxis ultimates i put in worked awesome at pueblo, last season i used whatever came with the car. I still havent bled the brakes since last year march.

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Re:Brakes, wheel bearings etc. 15 years ago #532

Thanks guys, I will feel much better about the car after I go through it (little by little) and my driving issues couldn't possibly be related to the lack of finesse with the pedals !

I liked the difference in pedal feel the steel lines made in my other car, and they're a small investment. The pads won't be, unless I go with the Axxis pads too. I had pretty good luck with them in HPDE but pushing harder in TT they faded on me a bit, of course that was a heavier car

I'm trying not to use the Blue 9012 pads, because of a prior bad experience with them and Hawk, plus I'll be driving to the track for the foreseeable future, and am too lazy to change out pads at the track each weekend.

With hockey almost done, I'll have the time to rebuild the calipers, and DART's price on the kits is great. Sounds like the master cylinder hasn't given anybody trouble. Is that right ? Cheers
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