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Spun bearing - crank ok?
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TOPIC: Spun bearing - crank ok?

Spun bearing - crank ok? 11 years, 6 months ago #11252

Hey guys, I spun a #3 bearing on my 83 944 and took it all apart last night, and I'm including the pics of the carnage below. My questions are:
1) Can I get away with just replacing the rod bearing? I know it's tough to judge from the pics, but the journal doesn't look too butchered.
2) Can I get away without having to take the whole engine apart and clean it from the debris?
3) I have a NASA event coming up in a couple of weeks and was really hoping to have the car ready by then, and if I have to yank the engine, clean it all out & machine the crank, I probably won't make it. I was hoping to replace the bearing and get on the track and then worst case scenario I blow it up on the track, and I'm back to where I am today.

Thanks for the input!

Re: Spun bearing - crank ok? 11 years, 6 months ago #11253

Re: Spun bearing - crank ok? 11 years, 6 months ago #11254

I wouldn't advise it - I've seen this end badly, with holes in the block, more than once. It's a sensitive spot to begin with, and if your clearances are off, it won't last. If you have an oil cooler, it's probably toast due to debris as well. Sorry to paint a grim picture, but it's a bad failure.
Eric Kuhns

National Director Emeritus

2007, & 2008 National Champion
2011, 2012 2nd

Re: Spun bearing - crank ok? 11 years, 6 months ago #11255

Thanks for replying, Eric. Yea, this is the response I'm getting from other people in the game as well.
Oh well, off to find me a spare engine...

Re: Spun bearing - crank ok? 11 years, 6 months ago #11256

Pull the engine and tear it down. You will want to clean it all out and check over the oil cooler. I have had then plug with debris and also be reuseable. Alot depends on how bad the spin was. Crank could be salvageable or not worth reparing. It needs to be inspected properly to determine. That means a shop with the right tools to inspect it for both dimension and straightness.

if you are in a time crunch another engine may be the best thing. Then take this one apart completely and see how much you can salvage. I had motor sping a bearing and blow a hole in the block. That one trashed the entire bottom end. I had another damage a crank beyond a cost effective repair. For that one I found a used crank for $80 and rebuilt the motor after a good cleaning.
Joe Paluch
944 Spec #94 Gina Marie Paper Designs
Arizona Regional 944 Spec Director, National Rules Coordinator
2006 Az Champion - 944 Spec Racer Since 2002
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